The Power of The Reel – Why Instagram Reels are the Current Hot Topic

Instagram Reels have become a hot topic within social media discussions recently, largely due to the announcement that the Instagram algorithm is changing to focus more on video content. While the huge amounts of backlash have led the platform to temporarily reverse these changes, they have made it clear that Reels are not only here to stay, but to grow even bigger. 

What is an Instagram Reel? 

The Instagram Reels function was introduced to the app back in 2020, and has become the platform’s fastest-growing feature. Reels are videos that can be up to 60 seconds long, and can be found on an account’s profile page, and on a platform-wide base in the Reels tab. 

Reels have opened the door to a world of new opportunities for businesses, with the potential to grow on the platform bigger than ever before. Although they are posted to a profile, Reels are more likely than photos to be seen on the Explore page – the space where recommended content appears on the app. This recommended content introduces users to new accounts, which increases the reach of a profile.

Why The Explore Page is so Important

The Explore page on Instagram offers businesses an amazing opportunity to increase their audience and engagement. 200 million users look at the Explore page every day, and half of all Instagram users visit it every month. This is hugely valuable for businesses, as through using the Explore page their content is more likely to be seen by non-followers who may take an interest in the brand. 

Why A Business Should Use Reels

A study of sports teams within the NBA, NFL, NHL and MLB showed that Reels receive an extremely higher engagement rate. The NFL, the most active league on Reels, are averaging 67% more engagement on Reels compared to standard video posts. Reels are clearly the way to go to increase user engagement. 

Businesses should also take note of the fact that short-form video is at the centre of social media currently, largely due to the huge success of TikTok. The Reels format is incredibly similar to that of TikTok, something that is incredibly trendy within social media right now. Being active on Reels can help businesses get to grips with trending topics, songs, and even filters, which can be vital information to help reach new audiences. 

Reels also give businesses the opportunity to show off their creative flair and introduce a more unique personality into the brand. There are endless possibilities with Reels that aren’t available through image-based posts, and this can help the personality of a brand shine through. 88% of consumers say that authenticity is a key factor when deciding what brands they like and support, so having a personality users can relate to or enjoy is more important than ever. 

Reels are currently in the social media spotlight and, though Instagram have received enormous amounts of backlash for their changing algorithm, it’s clear the growth of Reels isn’t slowing down anytime soon. Since 2020, short-form videos have taken the internet by storm, and along with TikTok and YouTube Shorts, Reels are an extremely important factor that can help a business reach new heights in reach and engagement.