Seismic Shifts for Adwords – Expanded Text Ads

The change to Adwords has been coming for some time….. we have seen a gradual roll out over the past month… but today is the day….. expanded text ads are here.

First of all, let’s look at what the new Ads look like.

Before Expanded Text Ads

After Expanded Text Ads

As you can see above, the new Adverts are much larger, with 60 characters available for headlines, and 80 for a description.  Early estimates suggest that this will improve Click Thru Rate (CTR) by around 20%.

This new layout obviously comes after the removal of the right-column adverts little over 8 weeks ago, which would not have accommodated the new Ad size.  It further shows Google’s stance focusing more on paid advertising, and less on organic search.

Mobile Bidding

Google have also introduced a new mobile bid adjustment option.

This comes as advertisers now need greater management on which devices their customers are using at the time of clicking on their ad text.


We will be implementing the new style adverts for all clients over the next month, and reporting on the results…..we are of course hoping to achieve the predicted 20% increase in CTR!!